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What is the best colour to paint a rental property?

Rental properties can prove challenging between managing tenants, collecting rent and ensuring all the compliance involved with being a landlord is adhered to.

We regularly get asked by landlords and property companies “What is the best colour to paint a rental property?”

Our answer is keep it simple. Paint all the ceilings white, finish the woodwork in white gloss as it can be easily cleaned between tenancies and paint the walls some form of off white.

We know magnolia has a bad reputation however it’s neutral and enables tenants to decorate the house with soft furnishings easily.

Crown Trade offer other colours such as Antique Cream, Bread Basket and Ivory Cream. All of these colour are neutral and inoffensive to perspective tenants.

Paint every wall in the rental property the same colour and finish it mid sheen or Dulux Easy Emulsion.

Easy Care emulsion is a more expensive product however it is washable and offers better longevity than other traditional emulsions.