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How Many Quotes Should I Get When Hiring a Painting Contractor?

You’ve decided to get your house or workplace and are unsure where to start. We suggest asking friends, colleagues and relatives for referrals for good painters that they have used in the past.

In order to get three like for like quotations we suggest giving each painting contractor the same information when they come to visit your property. This information includes the following

1- Create a list of the rooms or areas you want painted

2 - Outline when you want the painting contractor to commence the project and when you would like the work to be complete

3 - Highlight whether or not the work can be down during “normal working hours” or if it needs to be done “out of hours”.

Painting Contractors in Ireland consider 8am - 4.30pm from Monday through to Friday to be “normal working hours” and anything outside of this to be “out of hours”.

4 - The more information you can provide on the colours and finish you want in each room or area the better. It’s best to have these decisions made prior to inviting any contractor to look the job you want done.

We suggest sticking with a matt emulsion on all ceilings, satinwood or gloss finish on the woodwork, a vinyl matt emulsion or mid sheen emulsion in areas with lots of traffic.

Washable emulsion is great too but does come at a cost which is good to be aware of if you are budget conscious. Give each painting contractors the list of colours you want and the brand of paint you want them to use.

5 - Request for each of them to provide you with a written quotation, contact information for three references and a copy of their insurance.

Be sure to ring all referrals and make sure that the contractors insurance is up to date to safeguard you in the event of accident.

6 - Compare all three quotations in detail.

7 - If there is something that you feel is missing from a quotation or indeed if you think that a contractor added something extra that is not needed contact them to discuss your query.. It is best to get responses such as these in writing (by email) as this information can be used at a later stage in the event of a dispute arising.

We hope this information provided helpful to you. Please contact us to discuss your painting project and ask us to provide you with a detailed quotation.

Shay Lally