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How's much does it cost to paint a room?

The cost of painting a room can vary. A standard box room could cost between €200.00 and €500.00 to paint.

Admittedly there’s a big difference between €200.00 and €500.00. We have summarised FOUR reasons for reasons

What condition is room at present?

If it’s been years since the room was painted there is a good chance that the room will need some TLC which takes time and as we all know, time is money

Is there wallpaper on the existing walls?

If there is wallpaper that needs to be removed this will double the length of time it will take to redecorate a room and unfortunately double the cost of labour

What colour are the walls currently painted?

If there is a dark colour on the walls and you are looking to repaint the room with a light colour it will take a minimum of three coats to cover the strong bold colour again this will increase the length of time required

What brand of paint you want the room painted with?

For example painting a standard box room with Crown Trade paints would cost approx €35.00 however finishing the same room in Colourtrend paints would cost €105.00 in material alone

We hope these pointers will help you to realise the factors painters take into consideration when pricing a room.

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Shay Lally