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Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractors Dublin
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Lally Decorators | Industrial & Commercial Painting Contractors Dublin

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Lally Decorators

Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractors Dublin

Established 1971

Established in 1971 Lally Decorators are expert in the execution and delivery high end commercial and industrial painting contracts, building maintenance projects and offer industrial flooring solutions to clients throughout Dublin and beyond.

Staffed by a team of master craftsmen and supported by a dedicated management team we have worked on many of Ireland’s best known buildings including schools, churches, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings, army barracks’, offices, shopping centres, pharmaceutical plants and manufacturing facilities. Explore our extensive list of clients.

As a company, Lally Decorators are traditionally known as commercial painting contractors and industrial painting contractors. Recent developments have seen us add to our service offering to include institutional painting, becoming specialist in the application of hygiene coating systems, developing a comprehensive building maintenance and property services division and working as line marking contractors and industrial flooring contractors through our car parks divisionFind out more now about our full range of services

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