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How to Paint the Outside of Your House?

It’s that time of the year where people are beginning to paint their houses. We thought we’d share some practical professional tips on how to paint the outside of your house.

Check out our 5 tips below:

1 - Clean down your house with a power house

This will help to give rid of any debris and make the house look much better before you even open a tin of paint. If your house is covered in alkali we encourage you to wash your wash with a fungicide cleaner before hosing down

2 - Scrap off any loose paint and seal these areas with a suitable sealer

This will remove any loose paint from the walls, cills or reveals. After you have all the flaking areas cleaned and scraped down we suggest coating these areas with a sealer

3 - Sheet Up

Before painting we recommend sheeting up. The wind can cause sheets to move and blow away. To counteract this we suggest placing stones or flower pots on each corner of the sheet to prevent this from happening.

We also suggest covering your windows with a clear sheet, remove any cars from your driveway and ask your neighbours to move their cars too.

4 - Use good paint

We suggest using Trade paint such as Sandtex Trade Masonry Emulsion as it is durable and has a good cover rate

5 - Be Safe

Make sure you use a ladder that enables you to reach every area you have to paint comfortably. Overstreching and unsuitable ladders are the cause of many accidents. Using the correct equipment will prevent against this.

If you are a little nervous about using a ladder we suggest asking a family member who has a head for heights to help if not ask a friend or neighbour to butt or hold the ladder at the bottom to give you piece and remember two people should never under any circumstance work off the same ladder.