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How much does a painter cost per day?

A time served painter in Dublin who runs a professional and compliant painting contracting business will charge in the region of €225.00 and €275.00 per day plus the cost of the materials they use each day.

The reason there is not an exact set amount is because during the busier months - March through to the end of October painter decorators are in demand and can seek a slightly higher price for their services. During the leaner months - November through to February painter decorators are not as busy and are hungrier to secure work and price work more competitively.

As a well established painting contracting company we can confidently say that despite these day rates appearing higher than what people may expect or want to pay they enable painting contractors to provide a professional service, be fully compliant and afford to pay all of the other overheads associated with running a painting contracting business such as accounting fees, insurance, marketing & diesel.

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